Fries for dinner. Stil life


Photo Artwork printed on Dibond® Premium, resembling a painting.

Limited edition of #5.

The gloss coating intensifies colors and offers added protection, imparting a painterly allure.

The black frame, featuring a discernible wood grain texture, exudes a refined and polished aesthetic.

This artwork is meticulously crafted upon order. Kindly allow 2 weeks for shipping.

On Friday evenings, our family enjoys a humble yet cherished tradition: fries for dinner. It's a simple pleasure that brings smiles to our faces and warmth to our hearts. With three lively teenagers in the house, our well-stocked refrigerator quickly empties as the weekend approaches.

Thankfully, our local Chinese restaurant, just around the corner, provides a solution. Instead of store-bought frozen fries, they handcraft each batch from freshly peeled and cut potatoes, a labor of love that adds a touch of authenticity to our meal. Witnessing the delivery of 10 kg bags of potatoes, straight from the earth, reminds us of the richness of Dutch agriculture and the abundance it provides.

Inspired by the charm of our neighborhood eatery and the timeless allure of classic art, I sought to capture the essence of our Friday night ritual in this still life. It's a celebration of the simple joys found in everyday moments—a reminder to savor the little things and cherish the bonds that unite us.