Photo Artwork printed on Dibond® Premium, resembling a painting.

Limited edition of #5.

The gloss coating intensifies colors and offers added protection, imparting a painterly allure.

The black frame, featuring a discernible wood grain texture, exudes a refined and polished aesthetic.

This artwork is meticulously crafted upon order. Kindly allow 2 weeks for shipping.

The mesmerizing contours of cabbages have always captivated me. Their leaves intertwine with a delicate grace, forming intricate patterns that extend in a testament to natural artistry. Each cut reveals new angles, each slice a study in elegant lines.

Yet, in the "destruens" phase, I realized that mere cutting slices was insufficient to capture their essence. I hungered to convey the sinuous curves and intricate layers in their entirety.

Thus I began the meticulous process of disassembly. With steady hands, I carefully detached each leaf, mindful not to harm their fragile beauty. Though swift, this phase demanded precision.

I was left with a fusion in front of me and I had then to start the next phase, the "construens" phase. The complexity intensified. Reassembling them required a delicate dance of form and proportion. With a vision in mind, I fused and intertwined each shape, seeking balance and harmony in their arrangement.