Still life with Figs


Photo Artwork printed on Dibond® Premium, resembling a painting.

Limited edition of #5.

The gloss coating intensifies colors and offers added protection, imparting a painterly allure.

The black frame, featuring a discernible wood grain texture, exudes a refined and polished aesthetic.

This artwork is meticulously crafted upon order. Kindly allow 2 weeks for shipping.

"Still Life with Figs" captures the essence of cherished moments suspended in time.

As the chill of Dutch winter gives way to the warmth of our Italian summer holidays, memories bloom of indulgent days spent amidst nature's bounty. The plump, ripe figs evoke memories of leisurely gatherings in a friend's sun-drenched garden, where time meandered to the rhythm of laughter and conversation.

As figs mature at the end of August, these fleeting moments become intertwined with our final days of holiday, where we can still revel in life's abundance.